FIFA 19 Standard Edition

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  • Release date: 9/28/2018
  • Developer: Electronic Arts Inc
  • Genre: Sports
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone
FIFA 19 Standard Edition

FIFA 19 Standard Edition

Electronic Arts Inc

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FIFA 19 Review: Get a Kick Out Of the Best Soccer Simulator

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Professional Review

Fédération Internationale de Football Association or simply saying FIFA is an international organization patronizing football, futsal, and beach soccer. The organization exists from 1904 and means a lot for every football game player and fan. But there is another meaning for FIFA which is also very important for football.

FIFA is the most popular sports simulator game since 1993, the year FIFA International Soccer was released. So football went digital more than two decades ago. Does it mean something for you as a football fan and dedicated video game player? Then you need to play FIFA 19, the latest franchise title of the sports. Faster download FIFA 19 Standard Edition to get the exciting experience of dribbling on the digital football pitch. Read our FIFA 19 review to find out what’s new in the franchise title.

Graphics — 5/5

FIFA graphics are as always on high. Realistic visuals are the thing we all simply adore about this sports simulator. The football pitches are even more alive than before. The stadiums with fans in the stands look true to life and convey an atmosphere of the real football match.

Talking about the players, they move naturally and so are their moves. The ball rolls and flies just like the real one. Comparing to the previous version, the ball movement was a bit improved.

It is quite understandable that such level of graphics requires a powerful video card and 43 Gb of free space on your console drive. But the game really worth space it takes.

Gameplay — 5/5

FIFA 19 has been improved slightly compared to the previous release which is FIFA 18. However, this is the game we are all used to and love so much.

You have a common opportunity to choose between various modes. The Champions League mode is probably the most interesting to play. It’s been contracted to PES for last ten years, and now FIFA 19 represents it. As usual, you are going to choose players to your team, create a match with the team of the same division, and proceed to the football match versus the competitors. We really love FIFA for the opportunity to select the real players and stuff into your team. Choose your favorite stars from Real, Barcelona, Manchester United, and so on.

In FIFA 19, the Personal Career mode became more complicated. Here you need to select from three characters: Danny or Alex promoting up through Champions League and Kim making it to the top of the Women’s World Cup.

One of the most popular modes, which is Kick Off got its special features in FIFA 19. Now it has home rules adjustable in settings before you start the game. You can discuss the rules with your party and set up. The Kick Off mode still supports up to 4 controllers, so it brings an excellent entertaining option for a party of four gamers.

You can also play FIFA 19 in a multiplayer online mode. This one involves from 2 up to 22 participants and requires PlayStation Plus subscription. Nevertheless, playing party-to-party online is not available.

Controls — 4.5/5

If you are an old fan of the FIFA series or a PlayStation 4 experienced player, there would be nothing complicated for you in the process of managing the FIFA 19 controls. Your PS4 controller becomes an extension of your hands as it was specially meant for this game.

Comparing to older FIFA releases, FIFA 19 wasn’t changed much regarding controls. However, if you are playing for the first time, the system may seem to you complicated. If you want to get good results, you need to bring your moves to automatism.

If any questions regarding the controls occur, you may start with the EA manual prepared for FIFA 19. Managing the controls becomes more comfortable with a training system significantly helping to novice and sparing bytes for experts.

Replay Value — 5/5

There can be nothing more appealing for the real football fans than visiting matches, cheering on the team, and playing FIFA. The digital football experience is also a good option for all those players preferring simulators. Most of those who really like football and playing replay FIFA games with great pleasure.

With plenty of game modes, exploration and mastering options, there’s always something new to try in the game. Even when all the stories are passed through, and all the teams are tried, you can have online matches or Kick Off’s with unpredictable results.

The Bottom Line

EA Sports offers players to try the greatest football adventure of the end of 2018. And this is FIFA 19 with lots of add-ons to the major FIFA project. This game is as good as a football simulator could be. With the variety of modes available, fantastic graphics, and high-end physics, FIFA 19 becomes a decent adherent of the FIFA series games.



FIFA 19 is the football simulator for the real champions. Don’t miss this title if you are a football or a franchise fan, the PS4 adherent or both.

Pros : Fantastic graphics
Improved physics
Plenty of modes to try
Home rules were added to the Kick Off mode
The controls the same as in FIFA 18
Your favorite teams and players

Cons : There is no online mode for Kick Off

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.9

You just can't miss this game!
Everyone enjoy playing this game

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